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We offer free courses, articles, and resources designed to help students improve their academic, English, and digital skills. Helping students at university or preparing for university.

Meeting student’s needs is important to us, so the resources are designed to be easy to understand so they are suitable for the many students that study in English as a second language. It is essential that they have help to improve their English and study skills.

We are increasingly required to have digital skills at work and for study, so we provide simple courses in digital literacy, computer science, IT, and programming.

SAT English Help

sat students reading and studying with exam preparation

Reading Tips & Help with Grammar

Specialized Learning

Animal, food, nature, money, love, life and travel related idioms. Lists with definitions and example sentences.

Activities to help identify business goals and innovation through analysis.

Resources for students to learn idioms. Includes 100 common idioms, exercises and examples.

Latest English for University Courses

Pre-Sessional English

This course is designed for students preparing for university by improving their academic skills and study skills.

English for Students 2

This course is a follow-up designed for students preparing for university by improving their English skills. It focuses on improving areas not covered in the first course such as phrases (noun, verb and prepositional phrases).

English for Students 1

This course is designed for students preparing for university by improving their English skills. It focuses on grammar and the parts of speech.

computer science principles and python

Computer Science Principles and Python

We have an online course at Udemy to help students to prepare for the Computer Science Principles Course.

The course covers both the principles of Computer Science and python programming covered in the Advanced Placement AP CSP course.

Featured Articles

English expressions explained from figures of speech to expressions of wisdom.

Alternative idioms that contain animals, both fun and animal-friendly.

A great reference for print in python, suitable for beginners to experts.

Business strategy for students from vision to TOWS, with examples.

Valuable - Simple - Helpful

you can find all the information on this website via our information centers for international students

As well as the computing and programming, there is also an international student help center that provides support for English at university and academic work.

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Digital Corner

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Gain skills ranging from digital literacy to computing science (APCSP) and programming.

Thai-English Vocabulary – family treebody parts

AP Computer Science Principles

In 2024 the written response has moved. Find out more.

For all of you needs to prepare for the AP CSP Exam – see our dedicated webpage.


These 15 to 20 minute courses include practice questions to help determine your strengths and weaknesses in the different areas of the AP Computer Science Principles course.

Professional Academics

Now helping students outside the classroom

Teaching over several decades and multiple continents, at the highest level at University, gives us the experience and professional skills to pass on to those who wish to learn.

Specializing in teaching people from all over the world means we teach in a way that you can understand. These courses use simple to understand language. This makes every course suitable for you even if English is not your first language.

Let’s learn together and help us help you and others.