Categories of Common English  Idioms and their Meanings for Language Learners

There are so many common idioms in English that are used in everyday language. These idiomatic expressions are difficult to know before you have head them.

But once you have grasped their meaning then you will be able to understand their meaning. Here with have access to a wide range if idioms and phrases sorted into categories from animals to idioms about nature and life and death.

We use idioms in the English language like break a leg, bite the bullet and raining cats and dogs. But these have different meanings than their words (literal meaning), they are said to be used in a figurative way.

Animal idioms

Idioms that contain animal include

  • let the cat out of the bag
  • a fish out of water
  • butterflies in your stomach
a messy puppy, animal idiom, a dog covered in paint
food assortment for food idioms

Food idioms

Idioms and phrases that include items of food include:

  • a piece of cake
  • go bananas
  • put all your eggs in one basket

Money idioms

Phrases that relate to work, business and money include:

  • money talks
  • cost an arm and a leg
  • from rags to riches
money talks writing the money idiom
beautiful beach view representing travel idioms

Travel idioms

Idioms on travel include:

  • hit the road
  • off the beaten track
  • live out of a suitcase

Nature idioms

The countryside, the scenery or even the weather, might remind you of nature, and these are examples of idioms and phrases in nature:

  • beat around the bush
  • a drop in the ocean
  • down to earth
scenic view to represent nature idioms
book pages in a shape of a heart for love idioms

Love idioms

Matters of the heart, relationships and emotions are seen in idioms on love including:

  • love at first sight
  • tie the knot
  • love is in the air

Life Idioms

Life idioms include phrases about life, healthy living and even death. Some of these life idioms include:

  • a clean bill of health
  • fit as a fiddle
  • pushing up daises
people jumping in the air for life and death idioms


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