7 English Idioms - Idiom Examples and Exercises for Students #4

Another article with idiom definitions, examples and exercises designed for students, good luck!

Common Idioms

  1. Chip on your shoulder
  2. Egg on your face
  3. Fit as a fiddle
  4. Let the cat out of the bag
  5. On thin ice
  6. Throw in the towel
  7. When pigs fly

Idiom Definitions

  1. chip on your shoulder: To be easily offended or always ready for an argument
  2. egg on your face: To feel embarrassed because of a mistake or failure
  3. fit as a fiddle: To be very healthy and physical fit
  4. let the cat out of the bag: Reveal a secret
  5. on thin ice: To be in a risky or dangerous situation where one wrong move can lead to trouble
  6. throw in the towel: To give up
  7. when pigs fly: Express something will never happen

Example Sentences

  1. He always has a chip on his shoulder, ready to argue with anyone who disagrees with him.
  2. I had egg on my face when I tripped and fell in front of everyone at the party.
  3. Even though she is 80 years old, she exercises every day and is fit as a fiddle.
  4. Don’t let the cat out of the bag about the surprise party for Sarah!
  5. After being late to work again, he knew he was on thin ice with his boss.
  6. After struggling for hours with the math problem, I decided to throw in the towel and ask for help.
  7. I’ll believe that he will clean his room when pigs fly!

Example Conversations

Sarah: “Why does John always argue with everyone?” Emily: “I think he has a chip on his shoulder and gets easily offended.”

Mark: “I accidentally spilled coffee on my shirt during the meeting.” Lisa: “Oh no! You must have felt like you had egg on your face in front of the boss.”

Alex: “Wow, Rachel looks so healthy and energetic.” Mike: “Yes, she exercises regularly and eats well. She’s as fit as a fiddle!”

Julie: “Don’t tell Sam about his surprise birthday party.” Kelly: “Oops, I’ve let the cat out of the bag. I have already talked about it to him.”

Tom: “I missed the deadline for the project again.” Sarah: “Be careful, Tom. You’re already on thin ice.”

Mike: “I’ve been trying to fix this computer issue all day, but I can’t figure it out.” Lisa: “Maybe it’s time to throw in the towel and call the IT department for help.”

Emily: “Do you think Jack will ever go skydiving?” Mark: “No way, when pigs fly, he’s terrified of heights.”

Idiom Exercises

Identify the Correct Idiom

Delete the incorrect idiom:

  1. I just found out that my shirt was messy all day, now I have ( a chip on my shoulder/ egg on my face).
  2. Keep it a secret and don’t (let the cat out of the bag / throw in the towel).
  3. After being naughty all day, I felt like I was (as fit as a fiddle/ on thin ice) with my teacher.
  4. He is always so quick to argue he must have (egg on his face / a chip on his shoulder).
  5. Peter never spends money. He going to buy everyone a meal (when pigs fly / with a chip on his shoulder).
  6. We have been waiting for the bus for an hour, better to (be on thin ice / throw in the towel) and go home.
  7. I go up the stairs so many times every day, I must be (on thin ice / as fit as a fiddle) by now.

Complete the Sentence with the Correct Idiom

Fill in the blanks:

  1. I was really looking forward to seeing Jake’s face when he opened his present, but someone ____________ and he knows what it is already.
  2. Don’t answer back son, you are already on ____________.
  3. This is impossible I’m ___________ .
  4. After making that embarrassing mistake during the presentation, I felt like I had ____________.
  5. Mike is quick to argue like he has a ____________.
  6. Despite her age, Grandma exercises regularly and stays healthy. She’s as ____________.
  7. We will win the cup  ________ . (not really)

Give an Example with Idiom Use

Give an example when you would say the following:

  1. egg on your face
  2. let the cat out of the bag
  3. throw in the towel
  4. when pigs fly

Example #1: She swims every morning she must be as fit as a fiddle.

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