Prepositional Phrases Examples

This is the second of two Lets have a look at prepositional phrases.

50 Common Prepositional Phrases

  1. In the classroom
    • Meaning: Inside the classroom
    • Example: We learn English in the classroom.
  2. On the chair
    • Meaning: Positioned on the chair
    • Example: I found my jacket on the chair.
  3. At the store
    • Meaning: In the store
    • Example: Let’s buy groceries at the store.
  4. By the window
    • Meaning: Beside or near the window
    • Example: She likes to read by the window.
  5. With my family
    • Meaning: Accompanied by my family
    • Example: I celebrate holidays with my family.
  6. At the beach
    • Meaning: Located at the beach
    • Example: We build sandcastles at the beach.
  7. Under the bed
    • Meaning: Positioned beneath the bed
    • Example: The cat is hiding under the bed.
  8. In the kitchen
    • Meaning: Inside the kitchen
    • Example: We cook meals in the kitchen.
  9. Between the friends
    • Meaning: Positioned in the space separating two friends
    • Example: I sat between my friends at the movie.
  10. During the summer
    • Meaning: Throughout the summer
    • Example: We go swimming during the summer.
  11. With my classmates
    • Meaning: Accompanied by my classmates
    • Example: I work on group projects with my classmates.
  12. On the shelf
    • Meaning: Positioned on the shelf
    • Example: The books are on the shelf.
  13. In the garden
    • Meaning: Inside the garden
    • Example: We plant flowers in the garden.
  14. Beside the tree
    • Meaning: Positioned alongside the tree
    • Example: We had a picnic beside the tree.
  15. At the party
    • Meaning: In the party
    • Example: I met new friends at the party.
  16. With my teacher
    • Meaning: Accompanied by my teacher
    • Example: I learn new things with my teacher.
  17. In the car
    • Meaning: Inside the car
    • Example: We travel in the car.
  18. By the door
    • Meaning: Positioned near the door
    • Example: The coat is by the door.
  19. In the living room
    • Meaning: Inside the living room
    • Example: We watch TV in the living room.
  20. Between the buildings
    • Meaning: Positioned in the space separating two buildings
    • Example: The alley is between the buildings.
  21. At the office
    • Meaning: In the workplace or business location
    • Example: I work at the office from 9 to 5.
  22. On the floor
    • Meaning: Positioned on the ground or a surface
    • Example: The cat is sleeping on the floor.
  23. With my neighbors
    • Meaning: Accompanied by my neighbors
    • Example: We had a barbecue with my neighbors.
  24. In the park
    • Meaning: Inside the boundaries of the park
    • Example: Children play games in the park.
  25. Beside the river
    • Meaning: Positioned next to the river
    • Example: We set up our picnic beside the river.
  26. During the lesson
    • Meaning: Throughout the duration of the lesson
    • Example: Students listen attentively during the lesson.
  27. With my friends
    • Meaning: Accompanied by friends
    • Example: I love going shopping with my friends.
  28. At the airport
    • Meaning: In the location of the airport
    • Example: We meet guests at the airport.
  29. On the wall
    • Meaning: Positioned on a vertical surface
    • Example: The painting is on the wall.
  30. Between the seats
    • Meaning: Positioned in the space separating two seats
    • Example: I found my lost keys between the seats.
  31. In the picture
    • Meaning: Within the boundaries of the picture
    • Example: There is a cat in the picture.
  32. With my classmates
    • Meaning: Accompanied by classmates
    • Example: I often study with my classmates.
  33. At the museum
    • Meaning: In the location of the museum
    • Example: We saw beautiful art at the museum.
  34. On the counter
    • Meaning: Positioned on a horizontal surface, often in the kitchen or a store
    • Example: The keys are on the counter.
  35. With my colleagues
    • Meaning: Accompanied by colleagues or coworkers
    • Example: I attended a meeting with my colleagues.
  36. Under the tree
    • Meaning: Positioned beneath the tree
    • Example: We found shade under the tree.
  37. During the test
    • Meaning: Throughout the duration of the test
    • Example: Students remain quiet during the test.
  38. Beside the door
    • Meaning: Positioned alongside the door
    • Example: There is a coat rack beside the door.
  39. With my siblings
    • Meaning: Accompanied by siblings
    • Example: I like to play games with my siblings.
  40. At the cinema
    • Meaning: In the location of the cinema or movie theater
    • Example: We watched a new movie at the cinema.
  41. In the picture
    • Meaning: Within the boundaries of a visual representation
    • Example: There is a house in the picture.
  42. On the shelf
    • Meaning: Positioned on a horizontal surface for storage
    • Example: The books are on the shelf.
  43. Between the lines
    • Meaning: Positioned in the space separating two lines of text
    • Example: The important information is between the lines.
  44. In the corner
    • Meaning: Positioned in one of the corners of a space
    • Example: Put the chair in the corner.
  45. At the bus stop
    • Meaning: In the location of the bus stop
    • Example: We waited for the bus at the bus stop.
  46. Under the umbrella
    • Meaning: Positioned beneath the protective cover of an umbrella
    • Example: We stayed dry under the umbrella during the rain.
  47. During the party
    • Meaning: Throughout the duration of the party
    • Example: I had a great time during the party.
  48. Beside the lake
    • Meaning: Positioned next to the lake
    • Example: We set up our picnic beside the lake.
  49. In the mirror
    • Meaning: Within the reflective surface of a mirror
    • Example: I saw myself in the mirror.
  50. With my roommates
    • Meaning: Accompanied by roommates
    • Example: I share my apartment with my roommates.

What are Prepositions


  • on
  • in
  • at
  • under
  • below
  • above
  • beside
  • near


  • through
  • across
  • up
  • down
  • over
  • around


  • in
  • on
  • at

Prepositions used in Prepositional Phrases


  1. In
    • The cat is sleeping in the basket.
    • There is a book in the library.
    • She lives in the city.
  2. On
    • The cup is on the table.
    • The painting is hanging on the wall.
    • There’s a stain on the carpet.
  3. Under
    • The cat is hiding under the bed.
    • We found a gift under the Christmas tree.
    • The keys are under the mat.
  4. Behind
    • The car is parked behind the house.
    • The sun is setting behind the mountains.
    • I found my keys behind the sofa.
  5. Between
    • The restaurant is between the bank and the pharmacy.
    • There’s a park between the school and the hospital.
    • The choice is between option A and option B.

Time: 6. During

  • The movie started during the storm.
  • She reads books during her lunch break.
  • We met during the summer vacation.
  1. After
    • We’ll have dinner after the movie.
    • The concert starts after 7 PM.
    • I’ll call you after my meeting.
  2. Before
    • The store closes before 9 PM.
    • Please finish your homework before bedtime.
    • They arrived before the party started.

Direction: 9. Toward

  • The bird is flying toward the horizon.
  • We walked toward the city center.
  • She moved toward the exit.
  1. Across
    • We walked across the bridge.
    • The cat leaped across the fence.
    • I saw them across the street.

Others: 11. With – She painted the picture with watercolors. – They traveled with their friends. – I cut the cake with a knife.

  1. About
    • He talked about his vacation.
    • The book is about space exploration.
    • Let’s chat about our plans.
  2. Without
    • She went to the store without her wallet.
    • We managed without their help.

He completed the project without any mistakes.

Prepositions used in Prepositional Phrases

  1. About
  2. Above
  3. Across
  4. After
  5. Against
  6. Along
  7. Amid
  8. Among
  9. Around
  10. At
  11. Before
  12. Behind
  13. Below
  14. Beneath
  15. Beside
  16. Between
  17. Beyond
  18. By
  19. Despite
  20. Down
  21. During
  22. For
  23. From
  24. In
  25. Inside
  26. Into
  27. Near
  28. Of
  29. Off
  30. On
  31. Onto
  32. Out
  33. Outside
  34. Over
  35. Past
  36. Through
  37. Throughout
  38. To
  39. Toward
  40. Under
  41. Underneath
  42. Until
  43. Up
  44. Upon
  45. With
  46. Within
  47. Without

Examples of Prepositional Phrases

  1. About: She is writing a book about her travels.
  2. Above: The bird flew above the clouds.
  3. Across: We walked across the bridge to get to the other side.
  4. After: We went for ice cream after the movie.
  5. Against: He leaned against the wall.
  6. Along: They strolled along the beach at sunset.
  7. Amid: The flowers bloomed amid the green grass.
  8. Among: She found her keys among the papers on the desk.
  9. Around: We sat around the campfire and told stories.
  10. At: They met at the coffee shop.
  11. Before: Finish your homework before you go to bed.
  12. Behind: The car is parked behind the building.
  13. Below: The treasure chest was hidden below the sand.
  14. Beneath: The cat found shade beneath the tree.
  15. Beside: He stood beside his best friend.
  16. Between: The playground is between the school and the library.
  17. Beyond: The mountains stretch beyond the horizon.
  18. By: She sat by the window and enjoyed the view.
  19. Despite: Despite the rain, we went for a walk.
  20. Down: The ball rolled down the hill.
  21. During: We sang songs during the concert.
  22. For: They have been friends for many years.
  23. From: I received a letter from my pen pal.
  24. In: There is a cat in the box.
  25. Inside: The cookies are inside the jar.
  26. Into: He jumped into the pool.
  27. Near: The grocery store is near the park.
  28. Of: A cup of coffee is on the table.
  29. Off: The cat jumped off the bed.
  30. On: The keys are on the counter.
  31. Onto: She climbed onto the roof.
  32. Out: We played outside in the garden.
  33. Outside: It’s snowing outside.
  34. Over: The plane flew over the mountains.
  35. Past: We walked past the old building.
  36. Through: We walked through the forest.
  37. Throughout: She smiled throughout the entire presentation.
  38. To: They went to the park.
  39. Toward: We walked toward the city center.
  40. Under: The cat is hiding under the bed.
  41. Underneath: The treasure is underneath the rock.
  42. Until: They stayed up until midnight.
  43. Up: She climbed up the stairs.
  44. Upon: The cat perched upon the roof.
  45. With: I went to the party with my friends.
  46. Within: The answer is within the book.
  47. Without: He managed without any help.


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